We are one of the largest Digital Printing unit in the country with over 12 production class digital presses under one roof. We have awesome machinery including our flagship Xerox iGen 3, five colour HP 5500, colour Xerox 1000, multiple Nuveras 288, DP 180’s, Multiple large format machines from manufacturers like Epson, HP and Cannon.

We also have a large setup of finishing equipment from well know manufacturers such as Wellbound, Morgana and Polar which includes
Thermal Lamination machines, UV Coating all types of finishing equipments.

Along with a strong infrastructure of machines we also are backed by world class software products such as XMPIE, VIPP, Print Managers and many others add to the flavor give us cutting edge over others. We are all equipped to serve our clients and offer unique printing services and products with the help of a strong infrastructure.


List Of Machines In Each Department

Digital Printing Engines

  • Easy Coat 500 (Sapphire)
  • Hp Indigo Press 5500
  • Xerox I Gen – 3
  • Nuvera
  • Canon Photocopier IR 1600
  • Xerox 4112

Offset Print Engines

  • Condot Machine
  • 65 VDP Auto Print
  • 1520 Colt Auto Print
  • 450 Dion Auto Print

Large Format Print Engines

  • Canon Plotter IPF9000
  • Epson Plotter GS 6000
  • Epson Plotter WT 9900
  • Epson Plotter WT 7900
  • Epson Plotter P 9860
  • HP Latex 360

Binding Machines

  • Lamination small CB 650 D
  • Hard cover maker HC950B
  • Sealing machine
  • Cutting Machine
  • Stitching Machine
  • Morgana Digi Coater
  • Morgana FSN (Perforator)

Equipments for Packaging & Dispatch

  • JDA Shrink Machine
  • Join Pack Strapping Machine

Store Equipments

  • Paper Shredder HSM
  • Weighing Machine 200 Kg
  • Weighing Machine 15 Kg
  • Weighing Machine 50 Kg
  • Weighing Machine 100 Kg


  • Kern Mailer Machine