Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing, as the name suggests, is one type that gives you the liberty to work on a bigger area of the print roll which has certainly made it an all powerful advertising medium over the years. Graphic heavy designs, which usually contain wide images and text, are inked on the roll of prints instead of individual sheets using this printing type.


Large Format Printing And Its Key Applications

Large Format Printing is certainly an effective advertising tool as it helps attract customers owing to its large sized images and text. Its key applications include Soft Indoor Signages, Posters To Outstanding Photo Blow Ups, Maps To Fine Canvas Prints, Pop Displays, Roll Up Standees And Printing On Leather.


UV Ink Is Its Pigment Type

UV Inks are water based. These are dull in color but are fade-resistant that certainly makes a compelling case for their outdoor use. Hence, Wide Format prints mostly use this pigment type.


We Cater To All Kinds Of Large Format Requirements

Having access to wide range of equipment in Large Format, we meet all kinds of large format requirements from Vinyl To Coated Media, Photo Quality To Canvas Printing, Personalized Printing On Leather To Gold Foil, One Way Vision For Glass Doors To Wall Arts.


Clients That Come Within Our Ambit

Having it all, we cater to all segments having Pan India Distribution network which include Conferences and Seminar Organisers, Corporates with learning centres, Sales Promotion and marketing functions, Event Managers, Retail Chains, Food And Beverage Industry, White Goods Showrooms, Large Banks With Multiple Branches And Photo Labs.

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