Web To Print And Distribution

Web To Print is a web based technology service that stands to automate various processes that relate to the procurement, management and distribution of printed materials, leaving our clients to benefit on parameters such as cost, time and effort.


Online Portal For Ordering

With our web to print service, we design an online portal for our clients that allows them to place the order for the desired quantity of specific items from the online catalog that contains the digital images of the printed material used by them.


Say No To Multiple Vendors

Centralized printing, along with web based technology, digital printing capability and fulfilment services enables our clients to save on procurement costs by reducing the number of vendors and procurement transactions.


Reduced Turn Around Time

We give the ability to each branch of the client company to place an order on the portal as the need is generated instead of each branch communicating its need first to the Central Office which further informs its printing vendor who takes time in processing the order and distributing it.


No Piling Up Of Inventory

With order placing just a few clicks away and reduced turn-around time, the cost of managing inventory certainly gets eliminated as the client is able to order the exact quantity of material needed.


Less Wastage

The fear of falling short of the printed material leading to excessive ordering by the client is done away with that not only reduces wastage but also helps in avoiding the use of the outdated materials by the client.


Save 20% of The Total Print Cost

With our end-to-end web ordering to distribution, you are bound to save 20% of the Total Print Cost.


Get Real Time Reporting

Our clients get real time reporting that enables them to monitor and track the usage of their printed materials by business unit, items ordered, individual user and other criteria.


Print And Distribute Through Web

The client company with multiple branches no more faces the challenge of inconsistency across the branches for the print collaterals due to centralized printing with each branch placing the order on web.

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